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Jesus diapers

Jesus diapers - recipe for the period of prayer

Be welcome!
I started this blog during the holidays.

Christmas is expected from children to parents and grandparents.
I confess that opened this blog to share my passion for cooking.

My husband guided me to write these recipes. most times taking pictures while cooking.
Romanian cuisine offer numerous recipes and flavors a variety.
Over other cuisines Romanian cuisine has dishes that taste a variety and each has its own specific area of Romania.

The story of this recipe, apart from its religious significance, I know from my grandmother.
A tale grandmother, who shared with me the beauty of Holy Christmas, the time of Jesus' birth.

I will get to the point!
I will write now my grandmother version. Recipe is very simple.

For the dough:
- 300 g flour
- 150ml warm water
- a pinch of salt

For composition:
- 150 gr crushed walnuts. not Grind 
- 100g caster sugar
- lemon grated zest

Mix these ingredients
For the dough, cut equal pieces fit.
It forms a dough according to the model.
On the the work table, sprinkle with flour and a rolling pin to roll the dough, until very thin.
When you feel the sticks table, sprinkle flour.
Turn dough and stretch it until it becomes a sheet stretched thin.
If large baking tray chopping. Round or square.

My grandmother was cooking it so simple hot plate on wood fire.
When baked sheet is set aside to finish all baking sheets.

Previously melt over low heat honey to be stretched over the dough.
On a large plateau sits the first sheet baked. Pour a bit of honey and warm slightly thinned over the sheet.
Sprinkle nuts over it, granulated sugar, a little lemon zest (take between two fingers).
Place the second sheet and repeat the procedure baked with sugar, walnuts and lemon.  

And so on until finished baked sheets.
Leave overnight to cool.
Consume next day. You can cut portions of it as the cake.
As you can see in the attached images.

The Jesus diapers on the plateau.

The Jesus diapers on the plateau in section. (As you can see, we rushed next day)

My version is faster.
I buy sheets of trade pie.
Cut them in four parts.
Then baked them in a hot pan over the fire.
Then follow the traditional procedure.
And that's it!
Tips and Tricks 
Do not use oil. Only natural heat of fire.

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